Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Gacha Garden has opened its friendly doors at the NEW round for every true gacha lover with amazing Summer gachas! Lets celebrate SUMMER! Visit and Enjoy! See More amazing Blogposts and ssearch through the Shopping Guide at 

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
IKON - Hope Eyes - Industrial
Tableau Vivant \\ Barbara hair ~ Mainstore Release
#EMPIRE - Letter Necklace - Silver - D
Wicca's Wardrobe - Isabella Jacket RARE and top TGG
Izzie's - Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet - Plum
Gato - Winter Skirt Maitreya #2 ~ №21, Dec 2016
=Zenith=  Leather Fringe Backpack (redwood)
Luas - Its Raining - Closed Umbrella Mint

POSE: *!R.O!* Yours BENTO Pose
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - May
=Zenith= Leather Fringe Backpack
Tableau Vivant \\ Ponylicious! [side] - B+W TGG
Tableau Vivant \\ Ponylicious! [long] - B+W TGG
=Zenith= leather school bag (all color)
 ISON - cropped button up (powder blue)
 Gato - Winter Skirt Maitreya #2
 BackBone - Back to School - Book & Apple TGG

POSE: The Owl - When is the Wedding to Be? 4 TGG
Raindale - Alderley manor
[Fetch] Phedra Rug TGG
[Fetch] Phedra Sofa TGG
NACH - Mophead Bear "Friends" TGG
NACH - Mophead Bear "Forever" TGG
3. Candy Crunchers - Wall Hanging - Nola TGG
[Fetch]  Phedra End Table TGG
i { DH } Gacha! I Love My Love Journal RARE TGG
i { DH } Gacha! Floral Pen Case TGG
[Fetch]  Phedra Chill Books TGG
1. Candy Crunchers - Relaxing Cushion - RARE TGG
[Fetch] Foil Prints - Butterfly ~ FLF
[Fetch] Foil Prints - Wanderlust 
Hanging beads summer mix
[LeeZu!] Greta Curtains Mesh /paisley 8

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Gacha Garden has opened its friendly doors at the NEW round for every true gacha lover with amazing Summer gachas! Lets celebrate SUMMER! Visit and Enjoy! See More amazing Blogposts and ssearch through the Shopping Guide at
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Catwa  Bento Head - Catya 
Tableau Vivant \\ Claudia addon ~ Mainstore Release
MICHAN - Celine Gacha - #2 Heart Necklace RARE TGG
Tres Blah - Summer Fete Dress ~ Luxebox

Lelutka - Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Slink  Hands - Dynamic - Male 
Vango - Erick ~ Men Only Monthly, July 2018
Con/Val - Lancaster ~ ARCADE, Dec 2016
Con/Val - Seafire B1 ~ ARCADE, Dec 2016
 [BUC] "LOVE" Tetra Bracelet ~ Project Limited, Jan 2015

llorisen // chloe apartment skybox ~ FAMESHED
[Fetch] Phedra Gallery Frames TGG
Silence - Myron Credenza TMD
Silence - Industrial Gears Bookends
BackBone - Back to School - Table Lamp TGG
Silence - Myron Fan Lamp TMD
Schultz Bros - NY Books ~ TMD
Silence - Myron Desk TMD
i { DH } Gacha! I Love My Doodle Journal TGG
i { DH } Gacha! Old Map Pen Case TGG
i { DH } My Journal Striped *Gift* TGG
Silence - Scribble Pad
Silence - Myron Chair TMD
Silence - Myron Rug - Gradient Diamonds TMD
+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu - Sleepy ~ ARCADE, Sept 2015
BackBone - Back to School - Blackboard RARE ~ TGG
Fancy Decor: Framed Blueprint

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Gacha Garden has opened its friendly doors at the NEW round for every true gacha lover with amazing Summer gachas! Lets celebrate SUMMER! Visit and Enjoy! See More amazing Blogposts and ssearch through the Shopping Guide at

 WEARING Me (Left):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
Tableau Vivant \\ Belem hair ~ Collabor88
01 RARE -Sorumin- Cute lingerie GACHA -Flowery Bra&Panties ~ Sanarae
MICHAN - Celine Gacha - #4 Cute Choker (white) TGG
Amala - The Heart Nose Stud ~ FLF

 WEARING Mozz (Right):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - May
Pr!tty Hair - Lazy Days ~ TCF
14, 15 -Sorumin- Lace Up GACHA -Top & Shorts - Mint- TGG

POSE: The Owl - When is the wedding to be? TGG

Raindale - Alderley manor ~ The Builders Box
05. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Dresser] ~ TGG
[Fetch] Phedra Lamp TGG
[Fetch] Phedra Makeup Tray TGG
02. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Frames] TGG
06. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Plant] TGG
[Fetch] Phedra Hanging Mirror TGG
[Fetch] Foil Prints - Mandala TGG
10. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Toilet] TGG
09. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Towels] TGG
07. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Mirror] TGG
04. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Laundrybasket] TGG
08. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Sink] TGG
12. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Shower Adult] RARE TGG
03. LAGOM - Sweetheart Bathroom [Rug] TGG

Sunday, July 29, 2018

 WEARING Me (Waving):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
[monso] My Hair - Chowon ~ Kustom9, July 2018 
Dahlia - Mae - Headband & Choker - Rose ~ Fameshed, July 2018 
-Sorumin- Flower power GACHA -Top & Jeans RARE ~ Rewind, June 2018
-Sorumin- Ice cream GACHA ~ Limit8, July 2018 
Tentacio - tulipe bag yellow ~ Kustom9, June 2018

POSE: *!R.O!* Hey BENTO Pose

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 
Lelutka  Bento Head - May
Lamb - Film School ~ LuxeBox, February 2017 
+Half-Deer+ Butterfly Hair Bow ~ Magic of Oz Holi Hunt Prize, April 2015
-Sorumin- Denim skater dress -Blue. Ice cream emblem ~ Sanarae, June 2018

Lelutka - Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Slink  Hands - Dynamic - Male 
Vango - Erick ~ Men Only Monthly, July 2018
[Deadwool] Ed shirt ~ TMD, May 2016 
[Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) - trousers ~ TMD, March 2016
-David Heather-Satchel-Carry/Black ~ Arcade, September 2015

+Half-Deer+  Life is Sweet Set ~ ARCADE, June 2018
IceCream Cake - CHEZ MOI 
13 Fancy Decor: Napkins ~ ARCADE, March 2018 
[][] bh [][] - kawaii strawberry milk ~ Bon Voyage, August 2016 
-Nomi-Sweet Coffee-Cashier(blush) ~ Imaginarium, June 2018
-Nomi-Sweet Coffee-Menu
+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence - Mint Chocolate ~ Epiphany, April 2017 
Fancy Decor: FroYo Syrup & Sauce Station ~ Arcade, September 2015 
[[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Take out coffee server- (Touch) REWARD~ Arcade
{what next} Colonna Cannisters ~ FLF, November 2016 
{what next} Colonna Coffee Machine (pink) 
+Half-Deer+  Donut Decadence - DIsplay - Fruit Rainbow RARE ~ Epiphany, April 2017
Ariskea[Patisserie] Yummy Frames ~ Arcade, September 2016
+Half-Deer+  Shiba Inu - Standing ~ Arcade, September 2015
[-BLUE SKY-] Urban Road ~ FLF, May 2018 

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
/Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair ~ FLF
::E*cko::  -  Tongue RARE #1
Seniha - Denis Suit ~ Access Event, July 12 - Aug 10

Lelutka - Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Slink  Hands - Dynamic - Male 
[monso] My Hair - Jay ~ TMD, October 2013
RIOT / Surfs Up Wetsuit ~ Arcade, June 2018

POSE: Kokoro Poses - Couple 16 

Soy - Garden Shed with Lblue Bricks
[IK] Surf Style Set ~ Tres Chic
floorplan - buoy basket
Apple Fall - Magazine Files
Second Spaces - Vintage Office - rolodex
peaches - Tap That App - Laptop and Books
Apple Fall - Harry's Boat
<:*BoOgErS*:> Sunny Bear ~ Arcade, June 2015
<:*BoOgErS*:> Julio Bear ~ Arcade, June 2015
dust bunny - beach locations sign
[ Focus Poses ]  Beach Backdrop
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
KiB Designs - Karin Dress  ~ SENSE, July 2018 
Tableau Vivant \\ Charlize Hair ~ Collabor88, june 2018 

Lelutka - Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Slink  Hands - Dynamic - Male 
Vango - Alex ~ Men Only Monthly, April 2018 
Legal Insantiy - Linus bleached Overall ~ Equal10, July 2018  

POSE: The Owl - Its all about Tenderness 1 RARE ~ PocketGacha, May 2018 

Zigana - Weathered tiles ~ Uber, September 2014 
Im Coming Home - The Bearded GuySENSE, July 2018
Elfico Penso - Boho Gazebo in the Garden ~ SENSE, July 2018 
Raindale - Sunbury hammock ~ SENSE, July 2018 
Kalopsia - Cherry Leaves Flying
Apple Fall - Flowering Shrub 
{vespertine}- room plants ~ Collabor88, April 2018  
Tm Creations - [The Boho] Sofa ADT anims. Sf2.a ~ SENSE, july 2018 
Basset Hound - Mesh - Full Perm
{vespertine}- exotic plants ~ Fameshed, March 2018 
dust bunny - spring laundry  ~ N21, May 2017 
+Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter ~ Blush, January 2018 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

 WEARING Me (Right):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
Seniha - Lana Dress ~ Cosmopolitan, April 2018 
#20 Blueberry - Angelberry -Common- Shoes - Shine ~ Epiphany, January 2017 
Pacagaia Original - Heart Necklace ~ SENSE, July 2018 
{{BSD Design studio}} Half bangle bag with Pose~ SENSE, July 2018 

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - May
::Exile:: Full Of Grace Hair ~ Collabor88, June 2015
#EMPIRE - Kolkwitzia ~ Kustom9, October 2016
amias - PREMA ~ Cosmopolitan, June 2018 

POSE: AP - Mexico City 2 ~ Shiny Shabby, June 2018 
DECOR: [BH9]  - The Lobby ~ Equal10, July 2018

Friday, July 27, 2018

WEARING Me (Standing):
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
/Wasabi Pills/ Kinsley Mesh Hair w/ Visor ~ TCF, August 2017 
06 -Sorumin- Flower power GACHA -Top White ~ Rewind, June 2018
Blueberry - Jimena - Denim Shorts 

POSE: AP - Mexico City 3 ~ Shiny Shabby, June 2018 

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - May
tram - G0220 hair ~ The Crossroads, March 2017
 erratic / marisa - tank ~ Uber, July 2016 
 Legal Insanity - Addy dirty shorts ~ Cosmopolitan, March 2018

POSE: Le Poppycock - Summer set ~ Ultra, July 2017 

--ANHELO-T03VR-178GA :: le chant lie (vintage red) ~ FLF, August 2017
HPMD* Shrub02 - green 
Dahlia - Summer Strawberry Collection ~ Fameshed Go, July 2018 
Garden Shed Green - CHEZ MOI ~ Tres Chic, April 2016 
JIAN - Beagle Pup ~ LuxeBox, November 2016 
Apple Fall - Oxeye Daisy Patch
Ariskea[ My place ] Pergola  ~ LuxeBox, January 2018 
Heart - Wild Flowers - Queen Anne's Lace
Skye - Twisted Tree 
Apple Fall - Flowering Shrub (Yellow)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
Lelutka  Bento Head - Chloe 
ALMA Makeup - Aster ~ SENSE, July 15 - Aug 6
Tableau Vivant \\ Paula ~ Uber, June 2018
.:JUMO:. Paloma Gown SENSE, July 15 - Aug 6

Fortuna - Necklace & Earings - Magnolia ~ SENSE, July 15 - Aug 6

Lelutka - Head.Andrea 3.1
Slink  Physique MALE Mesh Body 
Slink  Hands - Dynamic - Male 
Vango Hair - Matt ~ Men Only Monthly, May 2018
::GB::Long collar Suit ~ Dubai, July 2018

POSE: Ana Poses - Dancing in the Rain ~ Shiny Shabby, June 2018

MINIMAL - Vege Background ~ Epiphany, July 2018
MONS / 3D - TenteLeaf Photoshoot Decor ~ Equal10, April 2018
LB - Pottered Plant {BigLeaf}
Raindale - Pineapple hall ~ TLC, July 2018


-AZUL- -mL- -Nomi- -OO- -RC- -Safira- -Sorumin- : [Focus Poses] :: MOMOCHUU :: :::B@R::: :::Phoenix::: ::ALTER:: ::C'est la Vie!:: ::ChicChica:: ::Facade:: ::Fanshii::. ::JUMO:: ::K:: ::KC:: ::KKs:: ::SG:: :BoWillow: :CULT: :LW: :Moon Amore: :TAOX: :Z.S: !APHORISM! !Bang !CS! !IT! !Ohmai !PCP:: !Rebel Hope ?Amerie .::Mangaka::. .::Nanika::. .::Supernatural::. .::WoW Skins::. .:(CW):. .:EMO-tions:. .:Fairytale:. .:PULSE:. .:Pumec]:. .:revival:. .:TBO:. .:Tm:. Creation .:villena:. .:vive nine:. ...Scars... .HG. .kosmetik .Q. Mesmeric .Shi: (*ANGELICA) (BE) (FA) (fd) (marukin) (Milk Motion) (NO) (ViSion} (Yummy) [:: JesyDream ::] [.HU.] [[BR]] [[RH]] [4*2] [AB] [Akuma Drops] [Aleutia] [AR2 Style] [ARIA] [Atooly] [Azuchi] [ba] [Bad Unicorn] [bade] [Black bantam] [Black Tulip] [Body factory] [Breath] [Brixley] [bubble] [BUC] [Buzz] [By Miss Jones] [CAROL G] [Cb] [Con] [ContraptioN] [CX] [Cynful] [DDD] [Deadwool] [Due] [EvoLove] [Fetch] [Figure 8] [Focus Poses] [Gild] [Glitzz] [Gos] [hh] [HU] [IK] [INK] [Justice] [keke] [KIRA Tattoo] [KMA] [Kres] [KUNI] [La Baguette] [LeeZu!] [LFC] [Liz] [LJ] [Merak] [Monso] [n.i] [NC] [Nikotin] [NO CONSEPT] [NSS] [NYNE] [PR] [RA] [Schulyz Bros.] [Since1975] [sYs] [Taketomi] [Tampon inside] [The Forge] [Toiz] [TRC] [V/W] [VA] [VALE KOER] [VO.Z] [We're Closed] [White Widow] [Zerkalo] {anc} {ARDOUR} {D&D} {Demicorn} {Fe Style} {Imeka} {Junbug} {Letituier} {Limerence} {Livalle} {NANTRA} {QP} {sallie} {Theosophy} {vincue} {What next} {wren's nest} *!R.O!* *(OO)* YUKI *[LAPIN]* *{(konpeitou)}* **RE** *~*HopScotch*~* *AF* *ARGRACE* *Chronokit* *CS* poses *CX* *Drot* *EP* *Funky*Junk *Katatonik* *KOM *LpD* *MC* *PAN* *PC* *PH* *Queen of Ink* *R.O!* *RE* *SK* *SL* *TD* *The Mystic* *U-Design* *YS&YS* //Ascend// #187 #21 #barberyumyum #Foxy #Thalia Heckroth +Dreamcacher+ +elua+ <<Nevrose>> <EMOZIONE> <Heart Homes> <K&S> <Out of Orbit> =Zenith= >glYph< ~LM~ ~Nerido~ 1992 22769 3D Trees 8f8 a.t akemi ACCESS AD Addams adorsy Aisling Aitui Alaskametro Alchemy Alice Project Alirium Alma Makeup Alouette Altamura Ama Amacci Amala Amias Amitie Amitomo An lar [poses] Ana poses Anachron Analog Dog AnaSTyle Anc Ane Angel Manor Anhelo Animosity anxiety Apocalyptic Tattoo Store Apple Fall Apple May Design Applier AptB Arabic Tattoos Arcade Aria Ariskea ASO! AsteroidBox AstoidBox Astralia AstroidBox Atomic Avenue Ayashi B.C.C. BackBone Badwolf Poses Baiastice Balaclava Bamse Bang! Bauwerk Bazar Bee design Bella Elephante Belle Epoque BellePoses Belleza Bento BEO Besom BigBully Birdy BJK Black Cat poses Black hair BlankLine Blond Bloom Blueberry Blues Blush Bokeh BoOgErS Books Botancal Botanical Brocante Bueno Cabin Caboodle Cae Candy Crunchers Candydoll Carniola Casadel Catwa Ch'Know Poses Chair Charme Chery House Chez moi ChiMia:: cinphul ClaVv Clawtooth Coco Collabor Collabor 88 Collabor88 Con/Val Concept} Construct Cosmic Dust Cosmopolitan Cotton Crimson Call Crossroads Cureless D-lab D.U.S.T. DaD Design Dahlia Dami Damselfly Dappa David Heather Dead Dollz Deco(c)rate Decoy Denver's Diamandis Disorderly Doe Doll Drd Dress DS'ELLES Dubai Dust bunny Dynasty E-Clipse Earthstone Eaters Coma eBento ED Elfico penso EliBaily Elikatira Elysium Emery EmilyC Empire Emporium Enchantment Enfant terrible ENNIPose Entwined Epiphany EQUAL Equal10 Erde Erratic Ersch Essenz Etham Etoile Evanescent Evani EVIE Exile Exposeur Fabia Fame femme Fameshed Fancy decor Fashiowl Fawny FDD Fellini Couture Fetish Fair FGC FLF Flite Floorplan Food Fair Formal Fortuna Foxcity Foxes FrouFrou Gabriel Gacha Gachaland Galvanized Garbaggio Gato GB Genesis Genesis Lab Giomen Giz Seorn Gizza Glam Affair Glamistry Glamrus gO! Goose Haikei Hair Fair Half Deer HAOS Hayabusa Design Hazy Head accessory Headphones Heart Heart Poses Hello Tuesday Hideki Hive House HPMD i {DH} IDK Poses ieQued IKON Illi Illuminate Imaginarium Ingenue Insenity INVICTUS ionic Isil ISON Ispachi Izzie's Jacket JD Jian Jinx Juna Junk Junk food Just Posing Kaithleen's Kalopsia Kawaii Project Kei's Spot Key KiB Designs Kinky Kirin Kokoro poses KOPFKINO Kotte Kraftwork Kunglers Kurenai Kustom 9 KZELL L.c. Tattoo L&B Lace Lagom LaGyo Lamb LAQ Decor Lara Lara Hurley Lark Lassitude&Ennui Le forme Le Poppycock Le Salon Legal Insanity Legendaire Lelutka Head Lenox LeP LGL Lil:Bug Limit8 Lindy Lingerie Lipstick LISP Little Bones Little Branch Livia Llama llorisen Lock&tuft LODE Loft & Aria Logo Look At Me Lootbox Lost junction Luas Lush Luxebox M.Birdie Madpea Magika Hair Maitreya Maitreya body Make-up Man Cave Maraschino May's Soul Men Cave MeowHi MG MI MiCHAN Midnight Madness Mignon Mikunch Mila Poses Milano Mimikri Mina Hair Mingle Minimal MishMish Miss Chelsea Mitri Miwa's airship MM MOH MOM Mon cheri MONS Moon elixir Moon hair Mori Mosquito's Way Mossu MP MSD Mudhomey Mulloy Mutresse MyBOXID Myth N-core N4RS NaaNaa's NACH Nailed It Nani Nanika Neomenia Neve New Beat ninety no signal No.Match №21 Nomad Noodles Not so bad Nyu Offbeat OhMyGacha OKUMA Oleander Olive Omega OMEN ON*SU oOo Studio OSMIA OTB! Oyasumi Pacagaia Paparazzi Paper arrow Paranoia Paying it Forward Peaches Petite Mort Phedora PICHI Pilot Pink Pink Cream Pie PinkRayne Pixel Mode Pixicat Plaaka Plastic Po^Z Po^Z Ushia Pocketgacha Poppy Pose Pose Fair Pose Maniac PosESion Pr!tty Promagic Pseudo Pure Poison Purfect Purple Poses R.iccielli R.icielli r2 R2A Rack Poses Raindale Rama Random matter Razor Rebel Gal Reign Rewind Ricielli Riot RLD RO Rowne Safira Salem Salome designs Salt SamPoses Sanarae Santa Sari Sari Sayo Scandalize Scarlet Creative Season story Second Spaces Secret Body Secret Hideout Semller SEmotion Seniha Sense SenseS Serendipity Serenity Style Seul Shana Shi. Shiny Shabby Shoetopia Shorts Silence. Silentsparrow Sintiklia Hair Skin Fair Skye Sleepy Eddy Slink Slipper Sorgo Soy Spellbound Spirit Spring Fair Spyralle Stardust Stealthic Stockings Stories&Co Stormwood Storybook STUN Suga-Suga Summerfest Swallow Sway's Sweater Sweet lies Sweet thing T.A.S. Tableau Vivant Tabou TAG gacha Taikou Tanakamura Tannenbaum Tantacio TAOX Tarte Tattoo TCF Tee*fy Tentacio Tetra TFG TGG The 6 Republic The Annex The Bearded Guy The builders Box The Clique The Coven The Darkness Chamber Fair The Fantasy Collective The Gacha Garden The Gacha Guardians The Men Jail The Oak The owl poses The pose shop The project 7 The Sad November The season of the Witch The Season story The Secret Affair The secret store The Trunk Show The white nights TLC TMD ToddleeDoo Tokai Tokame Toksik Top Torika Toro Tram Tres Blah Tres Chic Trompe Loeil Truth Hair TS Tussay Tuty's Uber uK Ultra Unikorn V.e. V.F Vango Vanity Hair VCO Verocity Vespertine VileCult Vinyl Violet seductio n Wasabi Pills Wayward We <3 Roleplay We Love Roleplay Whimsical Whore Couture Wicca's Wardrobe Wreath Wrong Xin Zaara ZADIG Zen Creations Zibska Zigana